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Venerable Shi Yongxin is the current principal abbot of the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province. He was born in Anhui Province in Yingshang County. At the request of his parents, he entered monastic life at the age of 16 at Shaolin Monastery, and received full precepts in 1984. At the age of 22, he became the heir-apparent to the abbotship of Shaolin after completing his education at various Buddhist colleges, and a Dharma gathering was held in Songshan Shaolin Monastery between August 19 and 20, 1999 for Yongxin to formally take office as Shaolin Abbot.He is the thirteenth successor after Shi Xingzheng. He is the Chairman of the Henan Province Buddhists Association, Vice Chairman of the Buddhist Association of China, a representative of the Ninth National Peoples Congress and also the first Chinese monk ever to get a MBA degree. Yongxins duties are scholarly which involves presiding over large ceremonies at Shaolin.

Wu Hai-Lei,37 years old, president of China Laoshan Shaolin Kung Fu International College,a member of Chinese Wushu Association, seven sections of Chinese martial arts, National "Grade 1" Warrior, National "Grade 1" Coach,Wushu bachelor of Shandong Sport University. He worked hard on Kung Fu for over 30 years.He is a master of noble nature.He is a Martial artist with more than 20 years Teaching experience.He studied from Master Ren He to learn Shao Lin Kung Fu, majoring in Shaolin Arhat Boxing, Tongbei Quan, Hsiao Hung Chüan", "Ta Hung Chüan", long box, Plum Blossom Praying Mantis Boxing,Shao Lin Gun,Shao Lin Dao,Shao Lin Sword,Sanda,Hard Qi Gong, Nunchaku wing chun etc.

 He entered Shandong Sport University at 16 years old. He learned Sanda from Zhai Shoutao-National Sanda champion.In 1994,he won the first in Shan Dong"Tai Shan Cup" Sanda 60kg match.In 1995,he won the second in Shandong first session "Bear Cup" Sanda 65 kg match.In 1996,he won the first in Shandong "Jiang Nan Cup"Sanda Tournament 65 kg match.In 1997, ,he won the first in Shandong Sanda Tournament 65 kg match.In 1999,he won the first in Beijing "Yun Fei Cup" National Sports College 65kg Match.

 After 20 years old,he walked all over the famous mountains and temples and visited all majors and folk Kung Fu Masters.By absorbing the best of major Kung Fu sects,he finally formed his own unique teaching style and warmly welcomed by students from all over the world.

 Wu Hai Lei is now president of Laixi Wushu Association,also president of Tai Chi Plum Blossom Praying Mantis Boxing Association.He once visted many countries to attend matches,perform and give lectures.His disciples come from all over the world,such as Korea,Japan,Russia,USA,France,UK,Australia and so on.

Ren Ri Qin,60 years old, head coach of Laoshan Shaolin Kung Fu International College,member of China Wushu Association, 8th dan in Chinese Wushu.He learned martial arts at an early age.He learned small chariot wheel fist, little tiger-swallow fist, big tiger-swallow fist,and praying mantis fist from his uncle. After a few years,he went to Shao Lin Temple to learn KUNG FU: including shaolin long fist, Tai Chi, Tai Chi Push Hands, broadsword, spear, sword and staff.Right now,he mainly studies Tai Chi for Health, eight extremes fist, chi kung, Acupuncture and Moxibustion and Tuina, Massage and so on.With more than 50 years experience,he attended many international and domestic Kung Fu matches,won a number of ChampionShips.His disciples come from all over the world,such as USA,UK,France,Russia,Italy,Sweden,Finland,Korea,India and so on.

Liu Bo, martial monk of the 32nd generation,also a member of China Wushu Association,majored in ShaoLin Kung Fu and chi kung,He learnt Shao Lin Kung Fu from his cousin.He went to Shaolin Temple to learn Shaolin Kung Fu from Master Shi Yong Xin.He trained hard until he was 20 years old, majoring in Through the Back Fist, Chaoyang Fist, Da Hong Fist, Small Hong Fist, praying mantis fist, Form & Intention Fist,Shao Lin Weapon,Shao Lin Hard Qigong and Wu Dang Kung Fu.In 2005,he won the first in Shan Dong Wu Shu Match.In 2006,he got the golden medal in China VS Korea Sanda Competition.In 2007,he attended and won the first in Shandong Wushu Match.In 2011,he attended and got the gold medal in the first international praying-mantis boxing competition.His disciples come from UK,Germany,France,USA,Sweden and other countries.

Li Jian,Master Shi Yan jian is a 34nd generation monk of the Shaolin Temple. He came to Shaolin Temple to study traditional shaolin Kung fu when he was young and stayed there until he was 18. He is very skilled at traditional shaolin fist forms,they are Shaolin Xiaohong Chuan,Xiaopao Chuan, Qixing Chuan,etc, as well as animal styles,such as tiger form, Meihua mantis fist, eagle form etc and baji and tanglang,straight sword and staff, etc and Chi Na. He have been to many countries for kung fu performance and teaching with rich teaching experiences,and he won for many times in China Kung Fu competitions, and got the good achievements on Shaolin Sword,staff and fist forms.

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