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The academy provides you with full room and board.


Student rooms:


All of our student rooms are bright and roomy, located right next to the training hall and the dining room. Equipped with both an electric fan and a heater, we can guarantee a good life summer and winter. Furthermore our rooms are all furnished with two single beds and wardrobes as well as a table and a chair.

 During summer times normally there are two students sharing a room, while this can be different in winter when there are not as many students at the academy.




Our full room and board service includes three warm meals a day. This goes throughout seven days a week. Breakfast consists of traditional buns, Chinese oatmeal and eggs. Lunch and dinner both consist of rice with a big range of vegetables added, as well as fish and meat. Vegetarians will be catered for.

 Note: Theres always the option to buy additional stuff as fruits in the academys little shop or the next town.



Four times a year the academy celebrates the holidays with big feasts. These holidays are Chinese new-year, mid-autumn festival, academys anniversary and western Christmas .

Washing facilities:


The school provides hot showers and hot water and is equipped with western toilets. The use of the washing machines is free.


Please send email directly to 18766200008@163.com if you have any problems accessing the website learn kung fu in Qingdao Laoshan Shaolin Kung Fu International College
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