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Shaolin kungfus brief introduction

The Kungfu is a kind of humanities cultural phenomenon, is a kind of human body appearance culture or is workout, resist enemy, tournament the project have been widely known in China, the women and children all know and have become the precious inheritance of China culture.


But Shaolin kungfu is again Chinese kungfu to have to represent sex most , most the empty words turns a content and has religious cultural bottom Yun most and has complete system most and has authority most and has Chinese fighting skill of mysterious feeling to flow a parties most again, it undoubtedly has become the essential school of thought of Chinese kungfu.

Devolution famous Bodhidharma Zu the teacher face the wall self-discipline for decade in"Shaolin Temple" of in the endless years, talked to spread a body to teach to create Shaolin kungfu to flow a parties, and make Shaolin kungfu have deep humanities cultural content in the beginning, haded moral culture to cultivate mental poise, human nature in Shanhua, the lustration has no for of Wu De.Make Buddhism cultural philosophy of"Chan" wait fighting skill complement each other, attain twos, you win to have me and have you in person of to the high state.


The sky puts forth Shaolin kung.As long as making reference to Shaolin Temple, almost the owners will thought of little martial arts wood first.Shaolin Temple once was for many times ruined by discarding of natural disaster and man-made calamity in more than 1500 years of history, but Shaolin monk with his/her proper way one after one generation it is rumored that, made Shaolin effort spread up to now, be known for world.

Shaolin kungfu is a huge technique system, not"group" or"the boxing grows" of the general meaning.The Chinese boxing structure is complicated, the group is numerous, and Shaolin kungfu only treads world by his/her long history, complete system and superb technique state.According to Shaolin Temple inside the boxing table spreading down jot down, Shaolin kungfu set the road totally have 708 sets, among them, the boxing and apparatus is 552 sets, there are moreover also 72 incomparable skills, arrest, engage in fisticuffs, unload a bone and order cave, and Qi Gong...etc. each kind of achievement the method is 156 sets.Shaolin kungfu spreading down now set the road contain more than 200 sets, among them, the boxing is more than 100 sets, the apparatus is more than 80 sets, to do to wait an other achievement method more than several roads.These contentses press different category and difficult easy degree and organically constitute a technique system that is huge to have a preface.

Shaolin kungfu concretely expresses for with offend to defend the human body of the brawl action for core, with set road for basic unit of manifestation.The set road is put together by a set of action set.Act a design and constitute a set of road, all is establishment at Chinese the human body medical science knowledge of the ancient times up, conform to the sport regulation of human body.Action and set road pays attention to action to combine, yin and yang balance, soft just successive, absolute being form and have, among them, "six match" principle is most famous:Hand and foot match, elbow and knee match, shoulder and Kua match, heart and idea match, idea and spirit match, and spirit and dint match.

The "the nature and man unites as one" thought in Chinese ancient times thinks that the action that conforms to human body natural structure most is the most reasonable.Shaolin kungfu well integrated into ancient Chinese philosophy thought(yin and yang balance, soft just successive, the nature and man unite as one etc.), of set road and set road, not is isolated existent, but the mutual has to look after.

Superficially see, is according to difficult easily and one after another arrange, is the stairs or mode of study;Is thorough ground of to see, in really the performance of ancient Chinese mode of thinking is Chinese traditional the special mode of culture.So, Shaolin kungfu isnt only only a huge technique system."Kungfu" one phrase is Buddhism appropriation word.




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