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Tai Chi Chuan and its Chi
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The acupuncture meridians provide the transportation of Chi between the organs (elements) and maintains the Mutual Nourishment and Mutual Restraint cycles in a harmonious relationship.

Because the body is vieved as a "whole ."To cure an illness of one organ, Chinese doctors, may have to treat other organs because of the cyclic relationship of the organs. To the .amazement of many people. Chinese doctors may treat the organ by treating the limbs, because the arms and legs contain the Qi "extensions" of the organs. Chinese medicine believes that sickness is the result of the bodys inability to properly adapt and adjust to the "evil" influences of nature. Because humans are a part of nature, any change is nature will inevitabliy a.ffect the human body .When the "evil" influences of nature go above and beyond human ada.ptability, an condition occurs, and the balance between human and nature is destroyed. The human body functions will then be affected and sickness will result. Sickness will last until the body ca.n attain the proper balance. An example of this can be seen during the change of seasons. When weather changes from hot to cold rapidly people who are not able to make the adjustment smoothly, often get colds. This is especially obvious in an "unseasoned" person from a very warm climate, being introduced to an extremely cold climate for the first time. People who are use to the fluctuating weather, are usu- ally not affected by it. Based on the same energy theory, exercise and breathing techniques were created to adjust the imbalance of energy in the body, to build energy, and to increase adaptability to the environment.

These exercises are known as Dao Yin and Tu Na. Dao Yin is the art of guiding the Qi to achieve harmony; and stretching the body to "massage" the cavities in order to reduce Qi stagnation and to attain flexibility (Daoqi Linghe, Yinti Lingrou). Tu Na is the art of expelling "old" air, and drawing in the "new" air (Tu Gu Na Xin) the art of breathing. The combination of Daoyin and Tu Na techniques along with the circular movements of Chinese martial arts, became the healing/martial art known as Taijiquan.
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【Tai Chi Chuan and its Chi】

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