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Shaolin Kung Fu
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There are various schools of Kung fu in China,one of two main schools,that is shaolin kung fu.Shaolin Kung fu originated from Song mountain original Shaolin Temple,Deng Feng City.Nowadays,more and more people from around the world to go to China to learn kung fu and seek the authentic Shaolin Kung Fu.

Shaolin Kung Fu is quite famous in Chinese martial arts with long history, From legend that Shaolin fighting skills originated with the Buddhist monk known as Damo, who supposedly brought the art from India around 526 A.D.By the time of Yuan Dynasty(1280-1368),Shaolin Kung fu had developed and expanded to a boundless extent,and had spread all over the country.There are seventy two specialized styles in Shaolin Kung Fu,like One Finger of Zen Meditation, Iron shirt,Shaolin Marvellous Fist,Cotton palm,Holds and Locks and Acupuncturing Vital points.

Students learn shaolin kung fu and practise shaolin applications.

The One Finger of Zen Meditation is that the kung fu learners can cause a vascular spasm to an opponent with only a weak blow. The Iron Shirt is a form of hard style martial arts exercise for protecting the body from damage. This kung fu training involves lots of exercises with stances, herbs, Chi kung and body movements to use the bodys natural energy (Chi) to reinforce structural strength.

The students learn shaolin kung fu with master in shaolin temple kung fu school

Shaolin kung fu included vast Shaolin Chuan and weapons styles, such as Xiao Hong Chuan, the Da Hong Chuan, Luo Han Chuan,Yin Shou Stick, Damo Sword, etc.

For the convenience of learning Shaolin kung fu,shaolin can be classified into several major areas, Forms training, Application practice,San Shou specific techniques training,Force training Sparring,Combination,Combination Practice and Individual Techniques, and is primarily aimed at preparing the student for actual combat training,Weapons(stick,sword,whip,etc), Chi Kung and principles of Shaolin Kung fu. The shaolin kung fu we teach in Shaolin Temple kung fu school is traditional and authentic.

Here are some of main Shaolin styles in Shaolin temple
Shaolin Xiao Hong Chuan - Small Red Chuan
Shaolin Tong Bei Chuan - Through the back Chuan
Shaolin Liu He Chuan - Six harmonies Chuan
Shaolin Da Hong Chuan - Big flood Chuan
Shaolin Taizu Chang Chuan - Emperor Taizus long ChuanQixing Chuan    
Shaolin Da Pao Chuan - Big cannon Chuan
Shaolin Chang Hu Xin Yi Men - Forever preserve the heart-mind 
Shaolin MeihuaChuan - Plum flower Chuan
Shaolin Luohan Chuan - Arhat Chuan
Shaolin Dan Dao - Single word
Shaolin Long – Dragon Chuan


China Laoshan Shaolin Kung Fu International College is a traditional Shaolin kung fu training academy in China that welcomes foreign students to learn all levels of traditional shaolin martial arts, one of Chinas greatest patrimonies.Shaolin kung fu is offered as well as other ancient arts of combat such as Tai chi, Chi kung ,Wing Chun,Wu dang,Xingyi,Bagua, Baji, Mantis Boxing,many Animals Styles and Sanda (Chinese kick boxing).Welcome to china kung fu school
【Shaolin Kung Fu】

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