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The real expression of kungfu
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Chinese martial arts from the form has a history of thousands of years, they are in fact humans from the ordinary work of summing up, and according to our bodys physiological function, is more scientific. First of all, is that people in their daily work, feeling a certain action is very comfortable, as long as you feel comfortable, to explain this action in our physiological characteristics. They each according to this feeling to labor, in the course of time the body will form a natural energy. Secondly, people are often repeated one or several moves, the bodys natural energy every time in savings, wait to use whole body each joint, muscle, consciousness, respiratory, naturally, when several action put together to form simple martial arts action combination. Finally, if you practise martial arts reached a certain level, you will have some of their own body perception and understanding of the their external behavior self-discipline, let our character and human nature through the martial arts to be tempered, and achieve more perfect. Now, a lot of people practicing martial arts daze to practice, practice for many years, practice an injured back, ask yourself what? In fact, they do not understand. There are people Baishixueyi everywhere, and eventually you dont even know, these are the people of small errors. We practice martial arts is to step by step, dont be anxious for success, you will get really belong to the final.

China Laoshan Shaolin Kung Fu International College is a traditional Shaolin kung fu training academy in China that welcomes foreign students to learn all levels of traditional shaolin martial arts, one of Chinas greatest patrimonies.Shaolin kung fu is offered as well as other ancient arts of combat such as Tai chi, Chi kung ,Wing Chun,Wu dang,Xingyi,Bagua, Baji, Mantis Boxing,many Animals Styles and Sanda (Chinese kick boxing).Welcome to china kung fu school
【The real expression of kungfu】

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