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Shaolin Kungfu rocks New York train station
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A group of Shaolin monks performed Chinese Kungfu on Tuesday at New York Citys Grand Terminal to promote a new circus show, "Dragons". The show officially kicks off on Thursday in New Jersey and will tour around the United States this year.

The Shaolin monks from Chinas central Henan Province joined forces with Ringling Brothers Circus, one of the top three circuses in the world, to give spectators a sneak preview of "Dragons", their new show coming out next month.

They believe the Dragon symbolizes wisdom and strength and they want to present this spirit to American audiences.

Shi Xingchuang, Shaolin warrior monk, said, "We wish to bring Shaolin Kungfu out of TV shows and movies and portray it before the very eyes of our friends in America."

Their true to life imitations of monkeys, scorpions and eagles quickly caught the eyes of the people at the station, children and adults alike.

Producer of "Dragons" said, "What the Shaolin warriors do is so amazing, kids can be and do whatever they choose."

As Chinese culture gets increasing recognition from folks abroad, more and more Chinese performers are working with their foreign counterparts to help audiences appreciate Chinese culture.

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【Shaolin Kungfu rocks New York train station】

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