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Flying Through Air
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     Flying Through Air is one important skill of Shaolin 72 skills, which is also called as Yi Xian Chuan, Crossing river by walking on reed, Flying over river, etc, which is reduced to Qing Gong, which refers to the ability to flying in air by walking on something soft and light in water or air.
     Practice principle
     This skill is to be practiced from easy and simple to difficult and complicated gradually.---by Fu Biao

     Step one
     At the first, carry on lead sand bags on both legs to run on flat ground. The sand in the bags should be soaked in pig blood to make it hard. The weight of bags increases from one fifth to five kilograms. When practice, remember to wash legs everyday to reduce the damage and injury. As the strength of legs enhanced, you can increase one kilogram every 21 days up to 20 kilogram. After one year, you can try to run upon mountain road without sand bags. The speed and distance of running can be increased gradually to faster and longer according to condition. The standard distance is five kilometers one day with more three kilometers per 21 days. Keep on exercising until the distance is prolonged to 20 kilometers. When you don’t feel tired and heavy, you can carry out next step. However, this step should take one to two years of hard work.

Step two
     In this step, try to practice jumping on stone stairs and sand bunker. The jumping exercise is to be taken for two hours everyday in six sets. Choose one sand bunker or stone stairs in height of 50 centimeter, with progress you can increase the height to one or two meters after two years of hard work.

Step three
     After one year of practice, choose one strong tree to practice climbing and jumping upon trees. Take exercise for two hours every morning. Run and stamp to jump on the trunk of tree. At first you may can only walk on tree for one or two steps, two years later you can step for five or six steps or even 10 steps. Then change to walk upon walls. This step will take at least eight years.

Notice: This skill should be practiced under professional instruction. Don’t imitate!

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【Flying Through Air】

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