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Toad Skill Ha Ma Gong
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Toad Skill (Há mà Gōng) is also called as Golden Rooster Drinking Water, and is believed to be created by Yue Fei after he watching a rooster drinking water.
     Toad Skill, or Lifting roch-mound, attributes to hard gong of Yang style. It is mainly to practice the strength and stability of muscles which is efficient for defense and attack. This kind of kungfu is popular in Tianjin and Tanggu area of Hebei province. Some people can lift up objects of 30 kilogram, 40 kilogram, 60 kilogram, or 70 kilogram, or even 90 kilogram. The principle of this kungfu is to practice it from easy to difficult, from light to heavy gradually. First, you should practice the strength of arms and wrists, then practice back, then shoulders, chest, and belly, in the end legs and hips, etc. this skill highlights one power or strength, but not on Qi. In the first step, lifting roch-mound is a good method. As you practice, the strength of hand, wrist, arm and shoulder will increase gradually. In the second step, lift up the rock-mound and push and pull it regularly to make the muscles and bones strong and powerful and hard. Then practice the strength of legs and waist by stand in horse stance. 

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【Toad Skill Ha Ma Gong】

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