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Daryn USA
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After, I had come to China I had decided to study Kung Fu.  I learned "san da" in the beginning. That is Chinese kickboxing.It was a lot of fun learning it.Then I moved on to learn other forms of martial arts. The training can be intense in the beginning. However, your body will get used to the training.
The masters are very good and instructional. They are also very patient with you.Sometimes it can be a language barrier in the beginning if you dont know the language. A lot of things get worked out through body language or an interpreter.Since Ive been studying Mandarin that makes things that much easier for me.
During your downtime you can visit many sights in Qingdao or Jinan. They are both coastal cities with beautiful beaches.If you like hiking, there are mountains in both cities  with spectacular views. China Laoshan Shaolin Kung Fu International College is a traditional
Shaolin kung fu training academy in China that welcomes foreign students to learn all levels of traditional shaolin martial arts, one of Chinas greatest patrimonies.Shaolin kung fu is offered as well as other ancient arts of combat such as Tai chi, Chi kung ,Wing Chun,Wu dang,Xingyi,Bagua, Baji, Mantis Boxing,many Animals Styles and Sanda (Chinese kick boxing).Welcome to china kung fu school
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